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By Kandie Frederick

Growing up on the central coast, Kandie is a third generation family in the North County and a second generation family in real estate. Joining Country Real Estate in 2000, and graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, she brings a background of Agricultural Business to combine with her knowledge of the local real estate market. Working with her family and their decades of local real estate development, she is deeply connected to the roots of our community and its growth.
“This area continues to grow as people discover what a great travel destination it is, and what a great wine region it has become. Eventually, they realize what a great place it is to live and work as well. Adapting to the needs of our clients in a changing environment is always a priority. We remain the longest standing brokerage in a community we are deeply invested in. Our longevity is attributed to our innate ability to understand the North County: its people, its properties, and its culture.” -Kandie

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Converting online buyer leads into appointments is a crucial skill that can set you apart in the real estate business. Here are three effective tips to enhance your approach and increase your chances of securing those vital appointments.

1. Prepare and research. Before picking up the phone, ensure you are well-prepared and knowledgeable about the lead and the current market trends. Understand the specific needs of the potential buyer, allowing you to tailor your conversation accordingly. Demonstrating a genuine interest in helping them find their perfect property will establish a connection. Familiarize yourself with recent sales and developments to showcase your expertise and build trust.

“Ready to start making those calls?”

2. Craft a compelling script. While the ability to speak impromptu is valuable, having a well-crafted script as a foundation can keep the conversation focused and purposeful. Create a script that includes a warm and engaging introduction, a clear value proposition, and a call to action to schedule an appointment. Keep a list of talking points in front of you during the call, allowing for adjustments based on the lead’s responses. Personalize the conversation to establish a genuine connection and build the trust necessary for securing the appointment.

3. Build rapport. Building rapport is the cornerstone of successful sales calls. Ask open-ended questions that encourage the lead to share more about their preferences and priorities. Instead of rushing through your list, take the time to ask, pause, and listen. This not only makes the person feel heard and understood but also provides valuable insights to help you serve them better. Establishing a connection through rapport is key to gaining trust and increasing the likelihood of securing an appointment.

Ready to start making those calls? If you have any questions or need additional tips on crafting a winning script, don’t hesitate to reach out by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you as you master the art of converting online buyer leads into valuable appointments.